I am a Canadian BC-based artist with over two decades of professional experience. My focus is creating fantasy and wildlife artwork, with a love of blurring the lines between them. My background as a graphic designer continues to lend itself to my various artistic endeavours, such as tattoo, logo, and advertisement design. Recently I have had the pleasure of working with the Cranbrook History Centre in a collaboration project creating activity pages relating to Cranbrook's history. You can read about our colaboration here.

Currently, I am pursuing art as a full-time career, including tattooing. I am grateful to create with my hands and mind as living as an LGBT+ neurodivergent person, with extreme fibromyalgia and other disabilities, limits me to what kinds of work I can do.

Tattoo aprentice  My tattoo apprenticeship journey started in early 2022 at Soul of the Boreal tattoo studio, where I am being mentored by the owner, Kya J. Dubois. I am loving everything about this career choice, including getting to know each of the clients while learning the trade. I still have a lot to learn, but I look forward to both the challenges and rewards of completing my apprenticeship and creating lifelong artwork for my clients. Interested in booking me for a tattoo? Click here to get started.

Nature art My curiosity and love of nature has been a constant inspiration and pushes me to create artwork that connects people to the unknown and often misunderstood, aspects of wildlife. I do this in hopes of sparking understanding, preservation, and conservation, because of this I have a keen interest in collaborating with wildlife groups, community-focused endeavours, and government organizations.

Fantasy art I have always enjoyed creating original worlds and the mythical flora and fauna that inhabit them. I feel that drawing on my love and knowledge of real-world biology brings an extra sense of believability to my creations. I would love to provide my combined passion for fantasy and art to companies that create products for my fellow nerds. This includes tabletop gaming and more.

Your support lets me do what I love!

About the artist

"Ever since I can remember, I have had an affinity for all thing’s art, fantasy, and wild.
To me, it seems only natural to combine these passions."

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