Tall Ship
Tall Ship My first tattoo. Thank you, JJ!
Tall Ship Poster
Tall Ship Poster My first tattoo. Thank you, JJ!
Wolf Tooth Poster
Wolf Tooth Poster Thank you Mike!
Wolf Tooth
Wolf Tooth Wolf Tooth. Thank you Mike.
Lotus Thank you Seth.
Lotus Poster
Lotus Poster Thank you Seth.
tattoo prints

Your support lets me do what I love!

Show off your art with pride!
I am offering every client the ability to purchase their tattoo as a high-quality, glossy, page-size print at discount.
Reg. $20 - $5 client’s price = $15 per print.) This is a way for folks to collect, and showcase their tattoos differently. If you would be interested, please let me know. I can have the print available for pick-up at your appointment, or for another time.

*This offer only applies to custom artwork or re-usable flash I have designed.

Interested in booking me for a tattoo? Click here to get started.

Below is some examples of my tattoos and coresponding posters. More pics to come.