glen guardian

This unicorn is not what it seems.
A glen guardian is born from a dropped pod by the oldest tree in a glen. The unicorn’s soul and power are directly connected to the tree at all times. While patrolling its territory, it extends the trees’ protective magic by snapping off its wooden horn and antlers into the ground all along the edges of the sacred land. This action keeps a strong invisible barrier present making all wood-be intruders not see that the glen exists there at all. As far as Unicorns go, Glen Guardians are fierce and protective creatures whose soul purpose is to protect harm coming to the creatures and glen itself.

It is said that if you cut a glen guardian that they bleed a sap like substance. Only one guardian will protect an entire territory at one time. The only way to kill a glen guardian is to poison the sacred tree.

Digitally painted in Autodesk Sketchbook Pro.

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