Here is a commission I did up for a close friend of ours. I was asked to do a Gryphon with a coat of arms. I wanted to go a less stereotypical route, so I merged a Tiger, Bearded Vulture, and Blue Jay to create my gryphon.

Making the lower jaw cat, and the top half-beak was the biggest challenge of this project. So much so that I ended up creating a bunch of detailed mock-ups in the process. I am finally happy with how everything came together. I was far pickier about the entire thing than my awesome friend/client.

The finished design was a template to be later hand-painted onto a treasure chest. You can view it here.

The client has approved sales of the below.

Colouring Page Pay, download, and colour!

Direct Print Purchase 11x8.5" Glossy Prints by me

Please do not use this image as refference for a tattoo since it was personally commissioned to be one. If you would like a different design made instead you are able to contact me for your own creation.

All artwork is property of Dean CS Lewis of Mystic Creations 123 Do not alter, copy, or distribute in any form.

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