western hognose

This digital painting is based on my first Western Hognose, "Twix" a Toffee-Belly Western Hognose, (Heterodon Nasicus). My partner and I breed and do education with Western Hognoses, and other reptiles.

A little about Western Hognoses. These relatively small snakes are often found in the plains and near swamps. They have a varied diet consisting of grass lizards, toads, mice, frogs, and they have even been reported eating road-kill. They use their unique shovel-like nose to flip toads out of the dirt and move around the substrate to help bury their eggs. Females grow larger than males and are typically 28" - 36" long and rarely exceed 300 grams in the wild. Males typically grow to be 24" long and typically stay under 150 grams.

These amazing little animals are not aggressive by nature and if anything, have high anxiety, which will lead them to play dead in the wild when threatened. Western Hognoses can be found wild in several different provinces within Canada, extending downwards into the united states.

The original was painted digitally.

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